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About the Incandescent Package

Golumino's Incandescent Package is our starter plan, enabling you to connect more with your ideal customers and build an audience. We provide fresh content weekly across your digital channels, monitor interactions and report on progress.

The starter plan now includes 2 basic explainer videos to help you get your message across!

3 months


  • Strategy

  • 1 hour strategy call

  • Content

  • 4 Articles (200 words)

  • 5 Designs

  • 50 Nuggets

  • Channels

  • Social Media
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • +

  • 2 animated video


Per month
(90 Day Commitment)

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We use explainer video to tell your story in a unique way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Incandescent plan is a basic digital marketing package with a friendly budget. It includes a digital marketing strategy session, production of designs and infographics and 2 kinetic text videos to keep your audience engaged and provide valuable interactions with your business and brand.
We all know that we need to promote our businesses and tell the world what we do. The question is 'How Best?' To answer the question, imagine that you decide to advertise in a Newspaper: While the papers can tell you their circulation, they can't tell you who looked at your advert, for how long, what were their interests etc. With digital, we can provide rich information regarding interactions with your promotions and how they are doing. This helps guide your spending and increase your return on investment in advertisements.
The Straight answer is YES! If you don't have one, we setup a simple site for you that is optimised to help people find your business quickly.
The offer will last till after summer after which return to our usual pricing.

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